Sim Apprenticeships

Individuals for the Sim Practical Apprenticeship course will request placement and fill out the following form. Upon receipt the executive director will work with the requesting individual and a facility to arranage a placement. Once the placement is agreed upon the individual will register and pay for the course.

6 four-hour training sessions (24 hours) with one participant to one faculty member.

The course is designed and geared for the advanced beginner. It combines hands-on, group and self-study theory to give participants a higher likelihood of meeting the set objectives. This course covers unique skills required for a simulation specialist but is not designed to have participants leave as experts. While being mentored by an ISN certified trainer the participant will be expected to demonstrate their effectiveness/competence through a simulation and post-session reflection. One of two certificates is available upon successful completion of the course and dependent upon evaluation of the participant: Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Advancement-Category III Simulation Instructor.

For pricing information contact:
Dieter Zimmer
Interim Executive Director
Ph. #: 503-580-1300


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